Embark on a thrilling adventure to experience the enchanting beauty of Lake Tuscaloosa without the burdens of boat ownership! Say goodbye to costs and responsibilities – dive into the extraordinary with our unbeatable memberships. Join the exclusive Carefree Boat Club and Paddle Board Club, where for a mere fraction of what it takes to own a boat, you unlock unprecedented access to our fleet of boats and paddle boards. Seize the excitement, embrace the rarity. Don’t miss out; join the club today!

Carefree Boat Club

As a member of the Carefree Boat Club, you will have unlimited access to our fleet of boats which includes a 2024 Cobalt R4 surf boat, a 23′ Tritoon, and a Double-Decker Funship. We provide classroom and on-water training, online booking, and concierge service. Say goodbye to slip fees, insurance, maintenance, repairs, taxes, towing, and winterization. Say hello to carefree boating.

Paddle Board Club

Paddle Board Club members have access to our fleet of 12 BOTE paddle boards, conveniently located next to our lakefront lawn. Also included is the use of all accessories including PFD, mangaBoom Bluetooth speaker, Aero seat, bucket rack, and a 5-gallon cooler. Contact us to learn more or schedule a tour today.