Frequently Asked Questions

Carefree Boat Club

All boats ranging from 18’ to 27’ are available to members. Variety includes pontoon boats, double-decker pontoon boats, and surf/wake boats. Members choose the boat they need when making reservations.

No. Members have unlimited access to boats. Boat as much as you like.

Yes. All members must complete the nasbala boater safety training course online.  After completing the course, members call to schedule a boat for “on the water” training with the dock master. Training covers CBC processes, general navigation, docking, and safety. A separate “on the water” training is done on surf boats to practice docking and learn overnight processes.

After joining, new members can normally be boating within 5 to 8 days of joining, depending on skill level.

Reservations are made online through resnet 24/7.  Reservations can be made from two days’ notice to as much as six months in advance.

Yes. Simply call the dock master at the marina you wish to boat. The dock master will tell you what’s available and you reserve it for “spur of the moment” use. Spur of the moment use does not count as reservations. It is similar to a “walk on” round of golf.

To maintain availability for all members, members may have a maximum of four advanced reservations on the books at any given time. Once a reservation is used, a new one may be made. Two may be on the weekend and two may be on weekdays.

CBC tracks members vs. Boats to ensure we do not have too few boats for too many members. CBC adds boats as members are welcomed. By tracking the usage of the boats by type and by location, CBC can determine the boats that are most popular so when a boat must be added, it is the right boat and is added to the right location.

Only the fuel you consume. Upon arrival, the boat is clean, topped with fuel, and ready to go. When you return to the docks, you will refuel the boat and pay the marina. CBC takes care of the cleaning of the vessel upon your return to the docks.

Absolutely, in fact, all boats are inspected weekly by the CBC dock staff using a 50-point checklist of safety equipment, hull condition, electronics, and general mechanical items. CBC takes care of regular scheduled maintenance like oil changes, out drive services, and hull cleaning.  All us coast guard required safety equipment including flares, horn, and approved floatation devices are on board each boat. CBC also includes an anchor and any lines and bumpers needed.

Yes. Communication is key. Let the reservationist know your intentions so we can plan ahead. Taking out the boat early simply requires picking up the keys the evening before. Keeping the boat out after hours requires communication with the dock master to make certain boating after hours does not affect another member’s reservation the following day. Additional training is also required prior to boating early or after hours.

Insurance is included. CBC maintains insurance that covers vessels, members, and guests. If an incident occurs, the member is responsible for damages up to the deductible amount of $2,500.

You pay for the repair or replacement of the propeller plus the labor to change the part. The dock staff will produce an invoice that will be sent to you for payment.

CBC provides towing coverage on all vessels during business hours. The towing contact information is located on all boats as well as on the boat’s keychain directory.

CBC understands the unpredictable life of our military. If the military orders you for out of town duty for more than 60 days, CBC will place your membership on hold until return. The member is responsible for communicating departure and return dates so an addendum can be executed.

No. The annual dues amount is locked in for the term of membership. Dues are billed on the anniversary month of joining.

Referrals are always appreciated. Members that refer a new member receive $300 that is applied towards the member’s account offsetting their annual dues. So, telling people about the club is a win-win for everyone. You get cash and with more members, come more boats. More boats for you.

Paddle Board Club

We maintain a 10:1 or less member to paddle board ratio.  We track usage by board type to ensure we have the right mix of board for our members.

No, Members have unlimited access to reserve our fleet of boards.  Paddle Board as much as you like.

After joining, new members can normally be paddle boarding within two to three days.  Depends on training and your availability.

Click member login on the website, reserve your time slot.  Simple and fast.

Yes, We allow after hours privileges depending on weather, availability, and skill level.

There are no additional charges.  The use of all of our accessories including the MagnaBoom Speaker, Racs, Seats, and coolers are included subject to availability.


Yes!  Members can bring up to two guests per outing and pay a guest fee of $20 per guest.

Captain's Club

No.  The gas pumps are open 24/7 and anyone can purchase gas with the use of a credit card anytime.

No.  The Market is open to everyone Monday – Sunday from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

Yes.  The restaurant and the Lawn are exclusive to members of Captain’s Club or NorthRiver Yacht Club.  Please call us to discuss our membership opportunities.

    1. Single Slips – Have a walkway on both sides of your boat. Ideal for runabouts, ski, wake, and surf boats.
    2. Single Slips with Lifts – Walkway on both sides and a cable lift system to keep your boat raised out of the water. Ideal for all fiberglass hull boats.
    3. Double Slips – Shared slip with another boat. Ideal for pontoon boats and runabouts. 
    4. Jet-Ski Slips – Covered floating jet-ski ports to keep your jet-ski out of the water and weather.


Yes, we have boats, kayaks, paddle boards, tubes, and more available for rent.

Yes, if you need someone to drive the boat for you, we can provide a boat captain as part of your rental package.

Yes, the Cabin is available for rent for weddings, private parties, graduation parties, and more.

Yes, the Cabin can be reserved to take photos through our photo booking section of the website.  The fee is $300 for a Half Day and $500 for a Full Day.