Captain's Cabin

the captain’s cabin

Nestled on a picturesque knoll with a captivating view of the lake, the Captain’s Cabin provides an intimate and secluded event space, ideal for various occasions such as graduations, weddings, birthdays, and private parties. This historic dog trot cabin, perched on its elevated site, holds a special place in the history of Lake Tuscaloosa, being the inaugural structure to grace its shores.

Originally positioned elsewhere, this quaint cabin, with its rich history, was purposefully relocated to its current site by Jack Warner. Envision the rustic charm of a bygone era as you step into the Captain’s Cabin, where history and ambiance converge. The timeless atmosphere invites you to host gatherings, whether for a select group of friends and family or a larger celebration with up to a hundred guests. Feel the allure of this unique space that Jack Warner himself chose to enjoy, savoring the serene views with a glass of bourbon in hand.